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Tenant FAQs

The electric company has turned the electricity over into my name but the power is still off what do I do?

Every home has a main power breaker, this can be found near the electrical meter, electrical meters can typically be found on the back or sides of the property.  If you are in a building with multiple units this will typically be in a central location on the side of the building. TIP there is also a second breaker panel breaker panel inside the home or outside make sure all of these are in the on position.

I want to break the lease, what should I do?

You are responsible for the duration of your lease until a suitable tenant is found and until the date the new tenant moves in.  Please contact your Property Manager for further information.

How do I get my security deposit back?

As long as the property is in the same condition as it was when you moved in, you will receive your full deposit back.  Unit needs to be move-in ready in order to receive full deposit back.

If there are any damages; the unit is not cleaned or carpets are not professionally cleaned including front and backyard, all of which will come out of your deposit.

What is considered an emergency?

An emergency is defined as anything that can cause a safety issue or immediate damage to the property and cannot wait until the next day.

When is rent due

Rent is always due on the 1stof the month.  Grace period is until 5pm on the 5thof the month.  Late fees will accrue after the 5thof the month along with a 5 day notice.

Are tenants required to pay a pet deposit with a certified service animal

No. But we require a copy of the certification for the service animal.

How much is a pet fee?

Non-refunable pet fee and pets are allowed on a case by case basis.  Standard pet fee $250.

How much is a security deposit?

Equal to the monthly rental amount.

How much is an application fee

$50 per adult over the age of 18 living in the home.

What are you looking for on a credit report?

Felonies, evictions, rental history, proof of income, proof of employment and specific judgments.

Do you accept Section 8 tenants?

Yes we do accept Section 8 tenants, our properties that will accept section 8 fill up fast. Listing on our website will indicate if they are available for section 8.

What do I do if there is a water leak in my rental?

There is main water shut off valve. These can typically be found on one of the hose bibs to the property, they are underneath the spout where the water comes out. Turn this valve off. Then call your property manager if the property manager does not answer call the copper rose emergency line.

How do I pay my rent online?

Copper Rose uses a third party software called Propertyware, when you moved into the property your portal was activated if you did not get the email from property please click the pay my rent tab and reset your password the email will be the one that you put on your application.

Is there a fee to pay my rent online

Yes if you use your banks routing and account number it will charge you a $2.00 fee. If you use a debit or credit card it will charge you a $25.00 fee.

Do I need to put my account information on the application.

No we do not need your account information. You will be able to put that information into your tenant portal so you can pay your rent every month.

How do I put in an application?

Applications can be found in the forms and docs section of this website. There is a $50 application fee per person over the age of 18 years old. Each person over the age of 18 must submit an application.

Can I read a sample lease before I sign one?

Yes you can, please see the Tenant Advisory in the Forms and Doc Section of this website. Please visit the Tenant Advisory in the Docs and Forms section.

What are my rights as a tenant?

As a tenant you have the right to quiet enjoyment of the property. Please see the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act for more details. (

Who is responsible for pest control in my rental?

The tenant is responsible for general pest control. If the property has a bad infestation of termites, German cockroaches or bedbugs call your property manager.

How do I care for the granite counters in my rental?


  • Use harsh or abrasive cleaners and sponges.
  • Windex; acidic cleaners, like vinegar, lemon, lime; or anything with ammonia or bleach should be avoided.
  • Frequent use of these chemicals will dull and weaken the sealant over time.
  • Basically, the harsher the cleaner, the quicker it will break down the sealant.


  • Be gentle.
  • Use warm water, a mild or gentle dish soap, and a nubby washcloth or microfiber cloth for daily wipe-downs. (

Who is responsible for changing the air filters?

The tenant is responsible for changing the air filters monthly. If the HVAC coils are found to be dirty the tenant will be responsible for all repair related to not changing the air filter.

How do I get my mail key?

If a mail key was not provided for you when you received your keys it is your responsibility to go to the post office that services your area to obtain a key, if you do not do this within the first 30 days of moving in the post office will charge you for the key.

When is my rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st day of each month. Rent is late as of the 5th, and late fees are applied on the 6th at 9:00am.

Who is responsible for changing the light bulbs?

Tenants are responsible for changing the light bulbs, should the light be in a position over the stairs, please call the property manager to change those bulbs for you.

I have a work order that IS an emergency what should I do?

Call your property manager’s cell phone if they don’t answer leave a message and call the Copper Rose Emergency Line.


I have a work order that is NOT an emergency, what should I do?

Log into your Propertyware portal using the pay my rent feature. From there you can put in a work order, don’t forget to send your property manager an email with the details of your work order as well.

When do I need to have the utilities transferred into my name?

Utilities are to be transferred into the tenants name before moving in.

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